Dr. David Levinson

Dr. David Levinson attended Temple University, and received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Life University in 1981. While in chiropractic college he met Dr. Debra Levinson, a specialist in prenatal care, pediatrics and woman’s health. She is a contributing author to Pediatric Chiropractic, the first comprehensive textbook on this subject, used in chiropractic colleges and by field doctors worldwide. Dr. Debra Levinson appreciates working with woman and sharing her personal as well as hands-on experience of holistic care. Drs. Levinson have been married for 29 years and together they enjoy biking, cooking Italian food, traveling, especially to Italy and doing it all with their three sons, Jacob 24, Isaac 22 and Ari 19.

Helping Athletes Reach Their Optimal Performance

In his 28 years of practicing, Dr. Levinson has opened and managed ten clinics. With a passion for sports, he has worked with some of the world’s most elite athletes to maximize their health and performance in the NBA, MLB, NFL, NHL, swimming, gymnastics, professional tennis, triathletes, and runners. He has also worked with the performers of Cirque du Soleil. Dr. Levinson also helps other world class and recreational athletes reach their optimal level of performance. Further, his experience and expertise in taking care of families of all ages is apparent as his waiting room is always packed with kids of all ages.

Teaching – Writing – Leading

Dr. Levinson serves as an instructor for clinical and functional analysis for the treatment of golfers. He has also taught at International Chiropractic Association seminars on pediatric chiropractic, and others, including Dynamic Essentials and Parker Research. He has been featured in numerous professional journals and has served as a consultant to other chiropractors on the treatment of special cases involving complicated back conditions. Dr. Levinson has been at the forefront of Vax-D technology since its inception with one of the first clinics in Georgia, and leading the technology’s international expansion by introducing it to Italy. Vax-D is a non-invasive treatment for chronic back pain and neck pain from disc and facet joint disease.

Dr. Levinson and the PGA

Dr. Levinson’s work caught the attention of the PGA and in 2004 the association invited him to join their sports medicine staff. Here, he perfected a cutting edge therapeutic system that combines chiropractic techniques with kinesiology, yoga, nutrition and functional strength training. “The advancement in the analysis of the functional movement of golfers bodies relative to the biomechanics of the swing are changing as rapidly as the technology that is going into making better clubs and balls,” he says.

Can We Help You?

What Dr. Levinson has learned helping these champions can be applied just as effectively to all golfers, athletes — indeed, all people — seeking to maximize health and peak performance. Give our Alpharetta office a call today to arrange a consultation with Dr. Levinson.


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